MAG Russian provides Russian and English language interpreters with high-level skills and experience corresponding to a wide range of scenarios.

MAG Russian can provide personal interpreters of the highest calibre who can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreting that will cut through jargon (where necessary) to deliver clear and 'natural' translations in Russian and English at standard conversational speeds.

Simultaneous Interpreting

For simultaneous interpreting, a single interpreter can use technology (interpreting booth/ headsets and infrared transmission systems) to provide simultaneous delivery of your message in the appropriate language to any number of individual members of a large audience.

Consecutive Interpreting

Here, during a deliberate pause after each short section delivered by a speaker, your interpreter recapitulates, in the appropriate language, what has just been said. The interpreting is conducted in both directions as required, making it particularly suitable for two-way communication. It is especially suitable for small groups of people, allowing both the interpreter and the clients to ask for more clarification and detail if necessary.

Whispered Interpreting

Where only one person in a group conversation requires interpreting assistance, their interpreter sits next to them and whispers a simultaneous translation of what other group members are saying. If the client needs to respond, the interpreter will relay that response to the whole meeting as a consecutive translation. This allows for minimal interruption to the flow of a natural discussion, while ensuring that everyone understands what is being said.

Legal Interpreting

In legal situations it is essential that you clearly understand both the meaning and implications of what is being said, and that your responses are communicated with accuracy. Our interpreters are not only fully qualified and highly experienced but are covered by all necessary appropriate background checks for initial police interviews, witness statements, court hearings, preparatory meetings or prison visits.

Conference Call Interpreting via telephone, Skype or Zoom

The growth in popularity of video conferencing has created a new area of expertise among MAG Russian interpreters. Talk to us about arranging interpreters to handle your conference calls via telephone, Skype or Zoom in Russia and the UK, to open up new channels of effective, real-time communication.

We would be happy to discuss your particular requirements when it comes to appointing interpreters for UK and international business visits, attendance at High Courts or other legal venues, as well as for any private or social gathering.

It's worth pointing out that it is often useful to have an initial briefing with the interpreter to clarify objectives and create awareness of any relevant cultural issues before any interview with a non-English speaking client.

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